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State of Decay 2 (Windows Store) Cheats and Trainer for Windows Store


+1 trainer needs to be updated. Resources and instant crafting/ building no longer work.


You do know the word please right? TC are busy updating other trainers ya know…


find ppl than can work around the clock? Lol there is a dozen ppl out there willing to do this for free…


It’s not people there after it’s funding to keep the internet site open and the app free for users…has nothing to do with finding people to work for “free” and no one works for free without a cut of something…anyways case closed.


@STN Could you please update the sod2 trainer? Unlimted Resources,Instant crafting,no reload. are not working. Thanks.


Good manners there @User2580173. He’ll prob update it in next couple of weeks…(only guessing) but there are a lot of trainers that need urgent updating and there’s alot more requests for trainers too. So be patient and you’ll see it post on WeMod App or on here.


“Next couple of weeks” might as well talk to mranti since he can get ■■■■ done real quick…

Anyways, no such thing as case closed buddy

and also there is always ppl who can do it for free without asking anything in return except credit where credit is due… Now you can say, Case closed.


if you combine the MR-Anti cheat inf resources then you should be fine, that one does WORK but only give 6K not 9K


Not fast enough apparently cause you’re still here


I’m sorry to say but your wasting your time @User2397748 with MrAnti atm, sure he has a lot of games listed that WeMod doesn’t have but his only one person updating over 100+ (rough estimate) trainers a day to keep up with the amount of users he has…But I mean go ahead and keep using MrAnti’s trainers…download to your hearts content but I rather not spend time downloading 1000+ Frickin trainers from him when it comes in 1 app. Plus half the time MrAnti forgets to update them and he’s hardly online anymore since something bad happen a couple days or week back…I’m not waiting around for trainers to update when WeMod got them ready to go…

As @STN said “Not fast enough apparently cause you’re still here” I agree 100% your here but your complaining that nothing gets done around here…so step back and hike up your tutu and wait…


On a serious note, it will not take weeks. I will update it sometime this week. Just releasing a few new trainers and this game has dropped a lot in popularity.


mhm I noticed that too…I mean it’s not as beefy and have epic battles…It’s pretty cruisy but after a while I get bored easy…altho I’m a big achievement hunter by heart. Anyways much :heart: @STN your amazing!


i havent touched this game since i got all 1000 points.


Will you add more cheats to the trainer this week or later ?


I broke mine :laughing: but meh it’s not the same anymore…I got bigger games to fry… but @aphroditecake atm
Just be patient young grasshopper:laughing:


Please just stop… and please stop asking for money or points…


Yes !! Sorry !


Sorry I might be unaware but isn’t the trainer and app it runs inside all free? Wasn’t aware you need to go pro on it, it still works regardless. No?


Read the above posts.


How do I download the updated trainer ? Is it automatic ?