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State of Decay 2 (Windows Store) Cheats and Trainer for Windows Store


It downloads the new versions of trainers when you update wemod as far as i know, look for a small green down arrow when you open the program.


New versions of the trainer get updated automatically as soon as an update was put online.

That is only if Wemod updates


Yes it works if free, the paid version has more functionality and allows use of the wonderful remote app for your phone.Free users need to tab out to activate cheats in wemod directly, paid can use hotkeys and the above mentioned remote app + other thing on the site like a tag for pro users.


Misinformation. Free users have to use hotkeys.
Interactive controls and mobile are pro only


Thank for the response, i wasn’t sure


Oh i thought they made the hotkeyes paid… I am fake news :disappointed_relieved: again thank you :slight_smile:


Actually if you just use your second monitor you don’t need to tab out so theres really no reason to go pro.


Very true, pro is not needed at all, but may be cheaper that a second monitor :stuck_out_tongue:


who doesn’t have a second monitor tho


I have a 65" monitor, i don’t have room on my desk for a second monitor, i mean i do but it would have to be in front of the other one. My desk is in a nook and its almost flush on the sides there’s really no way unless i mounted one above it on the window, not sure if that’s possible.


Well some people appreciate the free site here too and pro is paying for your free cheats also
They have to eat here too


That’s why i use pro, I can afford it and i really like the program, so i support where i can. Kinda wish you could gift pro to others, that would be nice.


Hi, thanks for everything you do. I have a question, I am having a problem with the Unlimited Ammo, Instant Crafting/Buildings/Upgrades and Unlimited Resources cheats after updating to update 3. just wondering if this is a known issue or not or if there are any fixes (all cheats worked on the day one release just not update 3)
Thanks in advance.


From STN


Will you add more cheats ?


Me too


Maybe the update isn’t finished yet and we need to do a check when she posts it


STN will get to it soon.


Thank you much appreciated.


The more you spam, the more i don’t want to touch this game. You’re annoying the ■■■■ out of me.