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State of Decay 2 (Windows Store) Cheats and Trainer for Windows Store


I don’t understand why people can’t just be patient?? Were all waiting for the mod to be fixed. quit complaining


Can’t do unlimited ressources no reload unlimited ammo but other cheats work


Sigh. I am downloading the game, windows store download speeds suck and the game is big.

I don’t know why it uninstalled the game :S


Thank you for your hard work, STN. Is there a tip option? I’d happily buy you a stiff drink or four for all you’ve done.


Same here plz help Unlimited Resources Not Working:(


Is it fixed yet?


How many site rules have this user broken by now?


Too many to count


And plus the mumbo jumbo spam it puts out too


Add more cheats that’s all I have to say …


need it for v3.0 that is why certain options aren’t working.


So I am having an issue but I dont know if it is the trainer itself or Wemod in General. When I select the game from my Installed list, it tells me that State of Decay 2 is supported, installed, and Windows Store but wont show any available trainer cheats. I have uninstalled Wemod and reinstalled, deleted all of the local files for it (as well as Infinity), uninstalled State of Decay 2 and reinstalled, yet it still is not working. I have searched the web for a solution as well as the forums, and havent had much luck. Anyone have any thoughts?


The update may have deleted the mods


Maybe Xbox tho could solve the problem


hello :slight_smile: any chance to have an update for this mod ? (actually there are some options which are not working but the trainer is still worth using it).
Thanks in advance


Been looking forward to getting back to the game myself, but @STN will get to it as time permits, of that I have no doubt whatsoever. I agree, it is a great trainer, I’m a huge fan of @STN’s work! There are so many trainers out there @STN works on, it is an endless cycle of updates. I also suspect that the trainer for State of Decay 2 is likely one of the more difficult ones to work on.

I don’t know if Version Guard works for Windows Store games, but I highly recommend it for Steam games. It allows you to run an older version of the game until a trainer is updated. Of course, if one buys the game after a trainer if out of date, that is another matter (I had that issue with Prey).


@STN any chance of and 1K kills to the trainer? Cheers :grinning:


The trainer is still working at 80 %
Player and weapons option are still working, unlimited fuel too.
Unlimited resources, instant crafting weapons/ upgrades, no radio cooldown are not working.
I don’t know nothing about mod / trainer coding (i have no idea about how much time this fix / update will require) i love @STN work and i support it


Sounds like you are fairly good at the game @Mizita. I haven’t gotten past my “starter home” yet. Every time I try to go looking for a new home (using on-line info to try to reach their locations), I end up with some call for help/assistance. The maps are so much larger than the original, I have yet to really “get the feel” of them yet.

I’m always getting my vehicle stuck, then having to run to get another. Between that and those blasted blood plague zombies, I play for an hour or two, then call it quits. It is one of those games I like, yet find frustrating. Still, I’ve been thinking of revisiting it, as it does add a whole new layer of game play.


9/5/2018 - update for the daybreak pack. The trainer no longer works. Obviously. Can’t wait for an update (hopefully there will be one).