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State of Decay 2 (Windows Store) Cheats and Trainer for Windows Store


Is the game going to finish updating?




@STN is likely referring to the content 4.0 update

State of Decay 2 is spitting out updates often. It is not wise to work on a trainer until such updates slow to the point they aren’t coming out so frequently.


update 4.0 is supposed to be the last update for a bit. Besides bug fixes and what not obviously.


There is something weird going on with the unlimited resources and Instant build. I don’t know if I should comment this in a different section, but whenever I click to turn the cheats on, it will instantly turn off.


Never mind, sorry for just stating the obvious. I will read the comments next time before posting. Awesome trainer though!


can anyone get this trainer to work at all? mines not working at all. nothing is turning on. I am just wondering if its just me.

Update : some stuff randomly started working again. Although unlimited ammo doesn’t work anymore =[.


Unlimited ammo is not working and neither is unbreakable melee weapons and no reload.


how do i connect the game to wemod i downloaded the game from igg games and it doesn’t have an exe file
can you please help?


Get the windows store version. Probably wont work with igg version


Wait until AFTER Wednesday to update, that way the Daybreak DLC is released.

What works:
-Unlimited Stamina
-Unbreakable guns
-Massive Items

To use Massive Items, open your storage container at base, turn the cheat on, then move something stackable in your inventory to your storage. Do NOT keep it on, or the game will crash.


Helpful hints @Tekkie, especially “Massive Items”. It is a great way to make sure you have enough blood plague vaccine! I’m just going to stay put for the eventual update, I’m in no rush. Without “Infinite Health”, I will inevitably do something stupid leading to my death…lol!


Hey are you planning on adding when you pick up a gun off the ground it gets 999 round clip?


Sorry for my bad English, my wemod don’t show the cheat of this game… how i can fix it ?
i using the store version


Hello, I was wondering how exactly the Time of Day cheat works. It seems to only change the day in-game. Just wondering if there is a way to make it daytime.
Thank you,


Hey @STN Since the new update is out are you going to update the trainer >.< I really like using your stuff just kind of hard when it don’t wanna function :frowning: I know you don’t wanna have to update it daily or whenever there’s an update but I think we might be ok for now :o. That is if you have the time


im using store version but i can’t see cheat… how to fix it ? can u help me ?


go to: add custom installation | whatever drive you installed it on (usually c:) | program files x64 (sometimes x86) | state of decay 2 | appfiles | stateofdecay2 | binaries | uwp64 | stateofdecay2-uwp64-shipping.exe | then i usually launch the game and then click: play. it seems to not goof up then.


New game mode “Day Break” just released today. Some functions of the current trainer still work but most are not working. Cheers.


Should post what works and doesn’t work. :slight_smile: