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State of Decay 2 (Windows Store) Cheats and Trainer for Windows Store


Go for it.


I don’t have it installed anymore. Since I got all 1000 points.


Currently what is working and what I use (For Single-player only):

*Unlimited Stamina.
*Unbreakable Guns.
*Massive Items.

Also works in Daybreak.


Alright, no more updates for the game right?. Was waiting for this daybreak update before updating trainer.


I believe so… unless they do hotfixes, or something.


Will this be updated then I guess?


I second what Freezaqw said. :slight_smile:


Don’t expect any updates that’ll change anything major again if updated. Pretty sure they broke the No Fatigue and Unbreakable Melee weapons because some of the skills changed when playing the Red Talon Soldiers.


Okie. Will update. Focusing on shadow of tomb raider though


Thank you, only things that REALLY matter in the Trainer that I’d personally like working again are:

No Fatigue
Unlimited Ammo

Thank you again STN. :3


Thank you!! hope you enjoy and have a great time on Tomb Raider, I was debating on getting it.


These turn off right away.
No Fatigue
Unlimited Ammo
No Reload
Unbreakable Melee Weapons
Instant Crafting/Buildings/Upgrades


Thanks for your hard work as always @STN! Been playing Deus Ex games in the meantime. Then again, every time I play State of Decay 2, I always manage to get my vehicle stuck on a rock or drive it over a cliff…


You can bring up your Radio and use the Stuck command and just sit in your vehicle, it’ll teleport you not far away.


Thanks for the tip @Tekkie! I really need to get more familiar with the game, haven’t played it much.


Hey STN i Know that you make and update about 90% of the trainers but an update would be nice and thanks for your hard work


An update is coming, so no worries. There are still several cheats that work on the trainer, even in Daybreak. :smiley:

The things that still work, even in Daybreak are:
Unlimited Stamina
Unbreakable Guns
Massive Items

You can load up your inventory with what you want, usually a medkit, some wall kits, and CLEO ammo, then press F10 and wait a few seconds, open your inventory and it should say 999, then press F10 again to turn off massive items.

Remember, SINGLE PLAYER only.


Massive items no longer works in Daybreak.


I’ll have to test it soon, it’s tricky to get working, but worked yesterday when I played.

Just tested, Massive Items Does work in Daybreak.
Here is how to do it:
*Start the Daybreak session.
*Run to a chest and pull out whatever you want and shut the chest.
*Turn on Massive Items and open inventory to see 999 items, then close inventory.
*Switch to an item you have multiples of and use it, then it’ll change to 999.


doesn’t work anymore since the new update 9/17