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State of Decay 2 (Windows Store) Cheats and Trainer for Windows Store


Because multiplayer works in most cracked games by now >P
Not always trough steam/official servers but it works


Any chance the trainer also work on the new prestige points/currency?


If possible I would like to request unlimited wall and team health for the Daybreak DLC. A one shot kill would be awesome too. This DLC is a grind for the rewards. Thanks for all you do.


Health already covers teammates


True. I should have been more specific; Team immunity to prevent blood plague death. But this would be moot with wall health.


pls update!


my cheats dont work any more because of the game version and the version of wemod trainer :slight_smile:


I believe that STN is working hard on an update for the update!


Wait what? Trainer is already up to date.

Did the game get updated last night? What is broken?


From what I saw they updated the game to fix a bunch of bugs in the daybreak dlc. The update for me at least was yesterday.


yeah right, nothing is working by me



You can still click yes and try them. There is obviously not guarantee if the game was updated.


Most of the cheats don’t work for me.


by me the same


can u update it pls :slight_smile:


Hi STN thanks for all you do, I tried most are working the only thing that was broken was unlimited resource, I have not tried any of the cheat on Daybreak and will let you know what’s broken on that end once I get the chance.


by me nothing works


Vote for it instead of posting here


i need to vote that the trainer becomes a update? tf??