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State of Decay 2 (Windows Store) Cheats and Trainer for Windows Store


We have limited resources and this is the only way to make it fair. You choose between getting a game updated or a new game being added.


how comemy unimited resources doesnt work STN?


the game does not work or start for me when will you update the mod


i need 1.3314.44.2 not the other ones


STN will update the game when he or she has the time. Just be patient.


have you update it?


Did you vote for it ?


Did we get enough votes folks - I see it says ‘Update coming soon’!!
I appreciate all the dedication to WeMod and Horizon and all the developers and all the people I left out with all the countless hours every one of you puts in to this greatness. Thank you for all you do.

  • duskcard64


It does not work for me, I can not activate it.


What do you mean?


Thanks for the hardwork STN


I give to the Play and it is not active it is the only one that happens to me.
Great job !!!
Let’s see if you can give me a solution.



No surprises that the new ZedHunter update has mess up the trainer :sweat_smile:
i guess i have to wait for STN to update.
Appreciated all the work you do mate :+1:


The same for me, the update mess up the trainer :smiley: @STN


I just got and got super mad. Then remembered the update. Hopefully @STN can fix it soon.


New update and a lot of the options aren’t working anymore. Can anything be done about that?


no support update 5


help it ain’t working , pls help @STN


I spent all my tokens on the update request.
if all the users of the trainer did the same, I think the update would already be done. :wink:
One thing is problematic for me. :thinking:
Yesterday the total vote was 758 out of 1480
today the total is 869 out of 1500… :thinking::thinking::thinking:
If the number to be reached does not stop increasing, there is no risk of having this update. :smirk: :smirk:


1502 right now :thinking: