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State of Decay 2 (Windows Store) Cheats and Trainer for Windows Store


That number will continue to change until it reaches 2000.


If you can explain how it works please ?


It changes based on a specific number of games and the amount of votes they have.


Okay, thank you @Chris , it’s very clear like that.


Wait how much vote we need for the update?


As of right now 1515


O ■■■■


I don’t have enough we points :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


I spend all my 50 token … @venomzxz


spend 45 so far 1295/1576 we getting close :smile:


Don’t worry about voting. I just haven’t gotten around to it (long story). It will get updated asap.

Just wondering if there are any planned updates for the game?


nope . I dont think there will be any


They are planning on 2 other updates not until 2019 for which we all don’t know when. 1 being a much more difficult setting and the other one a new map from SoD1 which is a DLC.


hope it wont wreck the trainer …


2 maps the old SoD1 map and a new map, a total of 5


Hi thank’s for your work. Any idea on a timeframe for the trainer?


any news on update for trainer best trainer iv ever used thanks for ur work


STN my dude im hurting over here lol. new trainer any time soon?


I’ll answer for him " busy with just cause 4 should be soon for an update "


Sweet. Thanks bro