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State of Decay 2 (Windows Store) Cheats and Trainer for Windows Store


Disable your antivirus and add wemod to its exception list. Spam the play key.

Run game yourself then click Play.

Windows store games take eons to launch so you need to wait until it’s fully loaded.

I really shouldn’t have to tell how to use this because this is basic Windows 101 and common knowledge.

I was hacking forza horizon 4 and somehow the game started shutting itself down on its own after launching. Why? Who knows. Spammed the game launch, restarted my PC and it’s all good.

I really feel Sunbeam now when he says people are just too lazy and don’t even bother troubleshooting themselves. Hit it with a hammer, throw it away then plug it in until it works, that’s the mentality i have when it comes to computers and it works!

My phone stopped charging recently and gives this moisture detected message (samsung s9), got me really pissed and i hit it a few times, wet it even more and tried different things until it started charging. I have to brute force it now to charge it (move the cable around, force the cable in deeper etc). I didn’t just give up.

My point for the long rant is it’s inexcusable that i have to hear and give same responses for an issue that isn’t even an issue. It works for thousands of people, if its not for you then its your PC, figure it out. Wemod isn’t injecting for you?, force wemod to inject it by trying different things. It will inject because it is injecting for others. Making trainers is similar, it isn’t an exact science, i have to try a lot of different stuff before something i want happens.

Please don’t think it’s directed at you, i have had to give this response to someone else too and i hope my long rant will stop the next person that says it’s not working because i can’t make wemod inject!


hi stn just wondering if massive items working for u keep turning it self off ty for update


incredible trainer. i would rather use wemod than any other trainer because it’s done so aesthetically pleasing, professional… the fuel doesnt seem to want to work, and unlimited grenades doesnt always seem to want to work. but overall i’m so happy this was updated.if i had money i would throw it at you.


it works great, reivax67. it’s probably something you’re running in the background. antivirus stuff can prevent it from doing what it’s supposed to do, so start there. try running in window mode so you can alt+tab to try restart the trainer. remember wemod runs in the system tray by the clock now so try to restart it if it doesnt work.

and wow, people complaining about a torrented version of the game not working??.. not smart people there. buy the game. it’s cheap as hell. torrented versions probably dont store values the same as the actual paid game.


Fuel wasn’t reported broken to me ughh. Can you test it again and make sure? Also what do you mean grenades doesn’t want to work, does it work sometimes or not at all?


I played last night and everything works for me


its says 999 but when u use it it goes same with med kits repair kits


Ok, it works all for me, I had to add custom installation with the game exe path.


Trainer error

yea the count for grenades and landmines dont seem to want to work for me still, and fuel works once in a while. i am not complaining at all though. everything else works perfect. looks like more people are saying it all works for them, so i think i’ll end up just closing down other apps or something until i figure out what’s interfering. keep up the good work man!!


Hey. Just wanted to see if you guys could add Unlimited weapon and melee weapon durability if at all possible. Thanks for this cool app by the way.


Hey. Not sure if this has been brought up or not yet, but could there be a possability of adding unlimited durability for melee and ranged weapons. Please and Thank you.


Yes it has been you did 3 days ago !


Seems unlimited health affects hostile survivors.
Also unlimited ammo isn’t working


I haven’t noticed hostile survivor issues, unless headshots work no matter what… But I did come here looking to see if others were having problems with unlimited ammo?

Everything I’ve used so far has worked except unlimited ammo. The info bubble says to reload but nothing changes in game for me

Hopefully this game gets continued updates and added features, thanks for the great work STN


Headshots work but they don’t seem to take any damage from melee and I think they are effected by unlimited stamina as well as they usually end up stun locking me before rolling away.

Obviously with the no reload cheat this isn’t really an issue… until your gun breaks.


Hey. Just wanted to see if you could add unlimited gun and melee weapon durability and also add unlimited storage, getting really annoyed with my peeps constantly saying we need more storage when I have the unlimited resources cheat on. Thanks.


Keep working Greetings


The video and description says there’s a unlimited durability cheat…but I don’t know how to use it


I dont see an unlimited duability cheat in the list up top ?


Up top as I’m in that video that shows off what cheats are in the game