State of Decay- Easy Mod

Remember…I have horizon diamond so you can make this save for me xD no no i don’t actually have horizon diamond…or do i?..naww I dont…so remember You can only make this mod for me using the easier route: the Pc save.
Remember you are to never make saves for others when it is necessary to use horizon diamond…with that in mind remember it is never necessary to use horizon diamond xD there is always the pc option…so if you choose the harder route of modding a save for others with horizon diamond and are hellbent are breaking rules…we will know…and we will find you…lol

I felt compelled to remind people…for some reason xD

Will someone please create this xbox save for me?

Character skin

The medicine run for Ed.

Additional Homebase Survivors
Male Characters

Never Fatigue
2x Stamina

Large Backpack Items
3 suppressors
Twelve 9mm rounds

(2x Feral Speed) -optional…I realy want this mod so don’t let this individual feral speed mod hold you back…aka optional as in…up to you…as in …not necessary…as in

Skins can be found at


I had another mod posted a few days ago and nobody went NEAR it so i figured i’d cut my losses and go with this mod…i hope someone does it :anguished:(

Does it for you?

Yup :o i’m requesting a save OMG i thought that was obvious :open_mouth: that may be why nobody has said anything !! :anguished: JEEZ x] Yes this is a save request

face palm

Help the dum girl for she knows not what she does I’ve been waiting for what seems like forever AHHH alright lol…its like standing in line for a ride only to realize its the “line ride” alright…now i’m in line for the save request xD

I hate to burst your bubble but I don’t think anyone can do that for you, It’s against the forum rules. I think the State of Decay editor in Horizon is only for Diamond Subscription members and if you are not holding a Diamond Membership, it’s against the rules.

So nobody is alloud to give away a mod they created after paying for diamond membership?

Any modding requests that are made by users who do NOT own a Diamond Membership and involve the use of the Diamond Membership editing tools in Horizon are not allowed. This is too prevent users from “hitch-hiking” from others who have paid for the access to all the content which is available through a Diamond Subscription.

It is not neccessary to have horizon diamond…this can be done on pc and converted @_@

Easier xD

Then do it yourself and stop creating threads like this.

Really? If i had the means to do so I would…why is your default position that i’m able to do this on my own but just lazy?

Am I not aloud to ask for a save request on this site unless Horizon gets popularity for using their tool ONLY? Is this a Horizon tool only forum? Think of this…i literally just thought of WWII…honestly…reminded me of Nazi Elite race :\

What kind of threads should I stop creating? and why am I not permmitted to use this section of the forums?

Am I not alloud to show a modder an alternative way to mod a game? Or is it the oven for me?

Don’t expect everyone else to do all the work for you. And are you calling me a nazi? That’s a bit offensive.

No…I didn’t call you a nazi I called the idea of Horizon forums only accepting mod requests that use horizon tools since PC is obviously out of the question on these forums…if that’s even true…

…Because you told me to quit creating threads like this…and didn’t even consider the PC route or even let others make their own decisions of creating a save for me by pc modding then converting xbox…which is way easier…You just started Commanding that i leave and do it myself…weather I have the pc version or not…btw…why in the world would I be asking for an xbox save if I had the pc version to mod and convert? -_-

.I didn’t know you were the one that would “allow me to ask for save requests” I thought you were just some dude. if you are the creator of all of these forums then yeah why is it I must take my business elsewhere if I recommend and easier route of using a pc to mod it instead of Horizon tools?

As why not just tell me SAVE REQUESTS are not alloud in the forums? that only “Teamwork Save creations” were alloud to begin with so i could take my business elsewhere…?

so…maybe someone should post about it…or…its totaly within the exact means of this forum to talk…and i’m sure save requests are alloud and are VERY well known for what it means to request a save…meaning I can expect someone else to do the work for me as requested. ahem…not everyone…someone…who isn’t looking to be paid…meaning they enoy it…meaning…its not work its a hobby…and would also like to make me happy in the meantime… O.o dude…

Still Unanswered:
What kind of threads are you commanding me to stop creating? and why are you personally not permmitting me to use this section of the forums for “these” kinds of threads?

in honesty you are just being way to hostile and demanding…if you do have authority…that blows hard… Please don’t involve yourself in this thread anymore. Unless you are some sort of moderator…then of course you would have the power to do as you please. no matter how I feel.

Save requests are allowed if:

The modded save was not created using a Diamond-only mod tool via Horizon.

Troy said it perfectly clear.

If you want someone with the PC version of the game to edit the save for you, then clearly specify it in your original post.

Calling the community a bunch of Nazi’s is not going to help you get your save modded. Calm down, edit your post so it’s clear and easy to understand.

I thought it was clear i was speaking of the concept that saves created by the tool aren’t alloud to be shared and nobody in particular…JEEZ…now your taking it even FURTHER and now saying I called the COMMUNITY nazis? wtf

Ok…please people read my posts carefully and you will realize I was speaking on the concept of Control…As if I couldn’t ride along in my friend’s car because I havn’t bought a car from the same car company yet xD blew me away cmon guys…I already went over this in the exact previous post…right before your post…reeead xD

If horizon diamond is against the rules do I have to specify and remind the community not to use diamond for my save??? xD why would I care HOW the save is modded…pc was a “reccommendation” due to the simplicity…

whoa…who in the world requests an already modded save? is that even a thing? I’ve been on the top 8 google search for forums for save requests and never heard that before… Save request always meant to request a save be made… But since these guys have to be reminded not to break the rules…i’ll edit my original post. -_-