State Of Decay: Modded Start

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This save starts you off right after the tutorial and inside of the church. The church will be fully upgraded aside from the guard tower. This game save was made on a developer copy of the game and most stats will be lowered to the games final maximum allowed limit if playing on retail version of SoD. Your starting character will also have some maxed attributes so when you start you can gain special abilities.



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Most of the stats listed are maxed out at 255 a pile so you will have plenty of Ammo, Medicine and snacks to last you for. The only thing you will have to find is food, Building materials and survivors.

  • 5000 Influence
  • Lots Of Ammo
  • Lots Of Weapons
  • Lots Of Miscellaneous


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What To Know:

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This save is nulled out so you will have to copy your own save ids in order for this save to work properly, Don’t start SoD until the modded save is on your memory unit and attached to your console. Make sure no other SoD saves are present when trying to use this one.

Rehash & Resign Tutorial:

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This game save was made byIdlehands88 from the 360 Haven community. He has given me permission to reupload his game save and post here. Please go thank his post and let him know how much you like his save. His original thread on 360 Haven.



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Download Now![/b] ^ Click to download.



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If you are not already a member here at XboxMB or at 360 Haven please take a moment and sign up at both sites and give idlehands88 a big thumbs up for making this save and allowing me to share it around. Signing up literally only takes a minute and helps us show that you appreciate great work like this.


All credit goes to Idlehands88 from 360Haven.

The game’s currency is influence and this was made by influence. Ironic.

No **** right, I didn’t even think it was possible until I googled it and seen he posted this on SV.

Influence didn’t make the save. I did weeks ago…

doesnt work anytime i try and save it to my flash drive :anguished:

You stole this and didn’t give credit to Idle on 360haven.

You did well **** man I had no idea, I assumed he did because of the ingame screenshots. I’m also not a member of that forum so I wouldn’t of known regardless.

Go to dashboard then overwrite your previous save with this one and load up SoD and it should work.

Never works for me :anguished: i got the black guy killed

The save has been removed from Save Vault. Because it violated ‘DMCA’…
Embrace, you can change the link to the one from 360Haven (or make one yourself?)
Or have idlehands88 upload it himself.

No the uploader here can keep it posted on here. He fixed the Credit, so I don’t see a problem :wink:

It is already removed, which I can’t undo. I saw 3 reports for the save on Save Vault so I deleted it… Didn’t saw this thread until later. Could you be so kind to re-upload it?

can you give me the save because i dont have a account on 360haven and i dont want one ether

thanks to who ever made this save in the first place but unfortunately you don’t 999999 of everything as this was a save from the dev leak and doesnt really benefit me but really thanks for the great work :smile:

That because as time passes in real life you lose certain things ingame. Its weird how UL incorporated this feature but let’s just say even when we’re not playing the game is still living without us.

More Info Here

Just to clear things up, I did not make the save, although, I did post the save on SaveVault. However, only till now did I notice the user requested for the save not to be posted on other sites, I found the save via a contact sending me a IM on my AIM.

All credit goes to Idlehands88 from 360Haven.

With the given consent from idlehands he has agreed to allow me to upload his gamesave for the site so please thank him for the great save and allowing me to upload it and share on this site.

Ok i dont understand what im doing wrong. I downloaded the save and dragged it to horizon but the game save numbers are all 0. I have winzip so i didnt think this would be a problem. Can anyone help me out please? It would be seriously appreciated. Thanks!

You need to drag your own save also on horizon and replace (copy/paste) those zeros with your own Profile/Device/Console ID numbers. Rehash/resign and Save to Device (override your save).

Alright I did that but it keeps starting me off at the place I left off before I used the save. So no modded stats, weapons, etc. I figured the modded save would have its own numbers that I was supposed to copy and replace on my save. But just copying my save numbers and putting it on the modded one basically just duplicated my original save.

hey whats the password to modded save