[State of Decay] Official Thread

Please post all bugs and problems in this thread. I’d like to centralize everything so it’s not scattered all over the forum.

This thread will also be used for discussion of the tool.

All other threads will be closed.

When editing Health and Stamina via keyboard input it never seems to stick and reverts back to what it was before it was edited. I did however notice that changing the values using the up and down arrows that’s next to the value you want to change seem to work. It’s really inconvenient though having to constantly click your mouse just to raise the value by one over and over again.

My Save - Sent To You Via PM

Edit:Also it seems that for some characters the changing of values just won’t stick at all.

I’m not to sure if this is a bug within Horizon or the game itself…

When I edit the values of my Stat.Current.Health and Stamina then the Health and Stamina tabs for the individual character, the number will gradually decrease in game to its original value. Meaning that Unlimited Health and Stamina can only be maintained for a period of time, then you will have to modify it again to regain Semi-Unlimited Health etc.

Reading other posts on the forum, it seems as though the same issue happens when editing other values such as Ammo and Consummables.

This error appeared when I tried to mod my save.

Error - Click To View Image

Download - Sent via PM.

See here: https://www.wemod.com/forum/20-horizon-support/148898-state-decay-mod-tool-error-loading-save.html

Thanks unknown works like a charm. One more thing I have to ask is their way to edit the health and stamina in the inventory section and make it actually stick because like I stated earlier when I attempted to do this with via keyboard input it just reverted back to it previous value.

Any info on the issue I posted?

Try editing the character bonuses along with the current bonuses. ( Main Tab )

It shouldn’t matter what you use to input it. Do you mean it reverts back in the editor or in-game?

My ammunition doesn’t show in my supply locker. I update the time stamp and made sure it was in home supply locker

The editor, For me when I try to change the value of health and stamina for specifics characters it just reverts back to it’s previous value.

Please post your save so unknown can take a look at it.

Are you also editing the Bonus stats?

The latest update that was released seemed to fix the bug I was experiencing. Thanks again Unknown.

I found a pretty big glitch under “Inventory” the characters name in my enclave are not the same as in game. For example I just got a new survivor in game her name is “Mkenzie Womack” and shes the only survivor in my enclave who is not my friend and in the editor her name appears as “Liz Winlard” to make sure I checked her trait stats and they matched up 100%. The only characters that seem to be correct are the Story characters and all the Genetic characters names are wrong. I’ll attach a few pictures so you can see what im seeing maybe its only like that on my save but im not sure, hopefully this helps :smile:.

In Game Name

Name In Editor

As you can see their both the same character exactly. Also I can confirm this even though they have totally differant names the changes I make work shes now my friend.

Game Save File Just Incase Unknown Needs It

Im not sure if you need my game save file to fix this issue but since I have it on my desktop why not :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s not a glitch per say. The generic characters can have a LOT of different names but the ID’s for the character are hash-mapped to those names you see in the editor. It’ll be that way until I can figure out what determines their names in-game.

Oh ok I get what your saying and yea everytime you contact new surviors there alwase random and have random names and sometimes they are completly identical in looks to another survivor you have so I see how that could be hard to fix. Anyways just thought I would let you know and if I find anything else ill keep you posted but once again thanks for the great editor I love it, and thanks for fixing the issue to were things wouldn’t stick modding it is 20x easier now :smiley:.

Got it! A fix will be in the next update to display correct names.

I have tried editing the Character Bonuses but the problem still remains. It will still gradually decrease.

Update Horizon again as it’s now version and trying editing again. I was having that problem but after updating it seemed to stick.

I know people are watching this thread, and some have requested it, so here it is.

An early savegame with the Shark Hoody guy as the main character.
Other than him there’s pretty much everything you’d need to get started, the rest you can mod yourself :slight_smile:

Shark Hoody modded save

The password to the zip is horizon.