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+Thanks to cccodyyyy for this :laughing:

Thread at x3 updated times now :o

Well as im sure many of us have Steam and use it for Social Gaming
Why not connect XMB at it? Yes… i did use the search button for a
Thread like this and i was not able to find one. maybe there is one
lying around dead, Well if so unlike that one ill keep this one updated.

Okay so here’s how it works: Anyone who wishes to post their
Steam account username will be added in this topic and you’ll
have the opportunity to be added or to not be added. Ex.
Steam: thepre2011 Add: Yes XMB Username: PreTech <-- 3x UPDATED way

So let’s see how this works :stuck_out_tongue:
Ive gotten a bit ideas of thread’s like this
so CREDIT to them

Steam: Dazza8199 XMB Username: Dazzaaa
Add: Yeah
Steam: iBraddersss XMB Username: iBraddersss

Add: Yes
Steam: paintlax XMB Username: paintlax21
Add: Yes?
Steam: DaazeHD XMB Username: Daaze
Add: Yes!
Steam: Stevie_Rox XMB Username: StevieRox
Add: Yep,

The userlist will look a little simpler by now. Im to lazy to re-edit the user list that i made in the start, thanks to StevieRox for this idea. :wink: Down below is the 3x UPDATED way

Steam: Igotdiamondyay Add: Yess! XMB Username: Igotdiamondyay
Steam: Tepza Add: Yes XMB Username: Kyroteppza
Steam: jgsanders8 Add: Yes Info: Host’s FREE 10th lobbies on Mw2 PC
XMB Username: Duff_Man
Steam: IgotThePump Add: Yes XMB Username: Shanee
Steam: gilbertskate14 Add: Yes XMB Username: SupraGilbert
Steam: talkingtubby Add: Yes! XMB Username: talkingtubby
Steam: Kaeganwiz Add: Yes XMB Username: zombieman
Steam: Crankrune Add: Yes XMB Username: Crankrune
Steam: Theone0522 Add: Yes, but tell him who you are first. :wink: XMB Username: Theone0522
Steam: xHacker57x Add: Yes, dont ask him to add you. You add him :laughing: XMB Username: xHacker57x
Steam: damonlundy Add: Yea XMB Username: abboz
Steam: chaosdpunk7193 Add: Yeaaaaaaaaa boi :wink: XMB Username: chaosdpunk7193
Steam: GarageSale Add: Yes sir :expressionless: XMB Username: Spore
Steam: VQ7 Add: Sure :sunglasses: XMB Username: cccodyyyy
Steam: Gildstar Add: Go for it :wink: XMB Username: J a c k
Steam: xp3456789 Add: Sure :smiley: XMB Username: madmanwilmot2
Steam: ReMiixX bro Add: Yes XMB Username: ReMiixX
Steam: PantherFromGT Add: Yes XMB Username: Panther
Steam: bluesun72800 Add: Yes XMB Username: bluesun72800
Steam: XxXRandizleXxX Add: Yes XMB Username: o Randyy o
Steam: gurvirj95 Add: Yes XMB Username: Gurvir
Steam: DownToBrownTown Add: Yup Yup :stuck_out_tongue: XMB Username: Anonymous
Steam: infrah Add: Yes mayne :wink: XMB Username: InFRaH
Steam: gamerhater Add: Yes XMB Username: gamerhater

Steam: bootlegtitan Add: Yes XMB Username: Xeon
Steam: Legit_Beast Add: Do what you want mayne :sunglasses: XMB Username: Provoked
Steam: V7Z Add: Sure, but tell him who you are first. XMB Username: Ironic
Steam: StevenWongoo Add: Yes :wink: XMB Username: StevenWongo
Steam: Niko_Jims Add: If you want to. XMB Username: Niko Jims Info: Would like to have someone to play Battlefront 2 with :smirk:
Steam: Joeshep90 Add: Yes XMB Username: _Joe
Steam: Concern Add: ? XMB Username: Concern
Steam: zN8 Add: If you want to play a game with him XMB Username: N8
Steam: XMBKonoR Add: Sure! XMB Username: XMB KonoR
Steam: Yavin Force Add: Oh yes :sunglasses: XMB Username: Yavin Force
Steam: austin12456 Add: yeyeye XMB Username: austin12456
Steam: Fannr Add: Yes XMB Username: False
Steam:jimmbob123 Add: Yes, but say who you are XMB Username: jimmy
Steam: oRandyyyo Add: Sure. XMB Username: o Randyyy o
Steam: TomT2411 Add: Yes. XMB Username: TomT2411
Steam: ihasmudkipzzz Add: Yes. XMB Username: ihasmudkipz
Steam: byInfluences Add: Yes XMB Username: Influence Info: Steam Profile Steam Community :: ID :: Influence
Steam: aden34 Add: Yes XMB Username: aden34

At A Sticky* had too >.<

Username: Dazza8199. I never play anymore due to this crappy pc…
Add: Yeah.

Steam: iBraddersss
Add: Yes.

Username: paintlax

Steam: DaazeHD
Add: Yes!

I think we already have one offf these… could be wrong though.

Steam: Stevie_Rox
Add: Yep,

Not much.

Well yeah… but it seems to have died if so. And the plan is to keep this thread updated so that wont happen :wink:

Sounds like a deal. You should probably make it 1 line per person…

Username: Stevie_Rox | Add?: Yes

or something like that.

Oops :S thanks :laughing:

Steam: Igotst34myay
Add me: Yess!

I like the idea how you guys post games you play :wink: feel free to post that way also. Im taking up almost every bit of the posts but i dont think i posted this thread at the best time so why not bump it. Keep it coming everyone ^^

In about 3-4+ hours is when everyone will come to life and post(after school/daily work/activites)


We’ve got a Steam group, who wants an invite to it?

Here’s the thread:

Well this way you know who is who. :wink:

Info:I also host tenth lobbies on mw2 for free

I myself has added a bunch :smiley:

Steam: iGotThePump
Add: Yes

Steam: gilbertskate14 / Add: Yes