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Added to topic :smiley:


Logging of for today :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: if there are any laters to add ill put them on topic. :wink:

Steam: Kaeganwiz

Add: Yes

Steam: Crankrune Add?: Yes
I barley ever get on but…

Steam: Theone0522
Add: Yes, but tell me who you are unless your username is the same on here.

Added you guys to Topic :smiley:

id- xHacker57x

add- yes

You guys can only add me not me add you because it wont let me add people

That mostly common is because you dont have any bought games on Steam.


cuz i didnt :smile:

Steam:chaosdpunk7193 Add: Yeeeeeeeaaaaaa:)

Added. ^^ + Thinking about putting your Xboxmb usernames at the side of the Steam acc so you notice better :stuck_out_tongue:

Steam GarageSale add yesir

Steam: VQ7

How did you get so many games please pm or diamond section that **** :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought them. Lol.
Also, OP add this: Steam Community :: Group ::

Its the XboxMB group on Steam.

You sir are one rich kid :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, will do :smiley:

I’ll edit the topic the new XMB username way tomorrow feel free to post in the meantime and i’ll update your steam usernames while updating the thread. :wink: