[Steam Giveaway] The Forest

Got an extra copy from Humble Bundle. Game is pretty fun IMO but still in Early Access.

Just post below and I’ll count that as your entry. Giveaway ends next week, at 11:59:59 PM on June 14, 2016.

Going to steal MrPrecise’s technique and use random.org + list randomizer, but feel free to bribe me if you want to be guaranteed the “winner” ;). Jk that doesn’t work.

I will be PM’ing the winner when I wake up the next day their game code, and it’s up to them to redeem on Steam.



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Ay i would like to be added to the list, in return maybe some free cs:go skins and any other items in my inventory might be free to you if i win :sunglasses:

Gib Killing Floor 1 trainer >:(.

@Skrubbot sorry :stuck_out_tongue: not open to bribes!

Lol this isn’t a bribe, just think of it as a coincidence offer given to a person with a something another person wants to try out

:stuck_out_tongue: well hopefully random.org picks you! GL bruh.

Thanks m8 your a true hero :spy:

@STN I think there is a solo mode for this(not 100% sure) but if there is you should make a trainer

There is, not much a trainer would do this early though. Besides God mode or one hit kills.

yea exactly

Consider this my entry.

Throw me in. Thanks.

I also join in.
Thanks for the giveaway.

not sure if you have given away yet but if you havent and I win, give it to STN

I’m Down Steam Name is Hora

Aight, let’s join in aswell!

Bump, ends tonight. Couple more hours for you to enter.

I’ll enter! Always wanted to try this :smiley:

Bump about 47 minutes left to have a chance to win a free game.

Giveaway is now over, will edit my post in a second.

http://puu.sh/pte4d/c7c6beb559.png - names being added in order of post

Grats to @Troy! PM’ing you your code right now. Stay tuned for more giveaways from humble bundles that I don’t like!

@Chris close this please!

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