Steam is blocking infinity?

when i try to use a cheat it states"err please lunch this game from your steam Client’" and more for different games. for my fallout shelter it started then gives me err 10. can some one please help me.

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try this: start the game first, then start infinity.

ps:Steam can´t block anything since it doesnt have build-in anti-cheat, but games do sometimes have (watch dogs 2, 7 days, and thats why those have certain steps before activating infinity)

no luck just ends the game after 10 sec

its for every game i have that infinity can hack

Just tested with fallout shelter and i had no problems, do this:

1)Unistall infinity.

-Use this tool - ICDV2.bat - (use default option,it will remove cache fast)


-Do it manually way to delete corrupted cache:
%appdata%/Daring Development\Infinity folder and delete it

3)Try to attach and run Infinity, . First, launch the game via STEAM, then once the game level has been fully loaded -> open infinity and click run game.

Troll man 9/11… Sounds legit.

snake i can send you picks of prof if necessary xD my old name was legit gamer too…

Snake be like:

i have done every thing i can think of the games wont start. i did every thing you said.
i am going to try deleting the game and reinstalling it.

just check game cache, deleting completilly the game wont help much and will make you lose time, or thats my teory

completely ignore this steam is for all my games even unturned. witch i donated 30k points to :smiley:

a simple fix it started when i restarted my pc now i restart again and its fixed wasted 2 hr of my life gta 5 style.

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rebooting , the good old remedy

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I just read this thread and got a damn good laugh. Thank you fellas. This just made my weekend, right here.