[Steam] Receiver key Giveaway

Giving away a Steam key for Receiver.

[b]Winner will be PM’d and announced in this thread as soon as contest ends.

Contest ends Monday October 6th @ 8pm EST[/b]

Minimum Requirements to enter:
10 Posts
5 Thanks

Good luck to all who enter!

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thanks dude, btw, what kind of game is it?

Check this video out.

dude its horrible, wtf? well…if i win i’ll giveaway it again, and the winner it’ll giveaway it too, and over and over again till we died

I have an extra key for it. I’ve played it myself, and while it wasn’t a game I particularly cared for it’s not complete garbage.

There are worse games…

A little over a day left. Enter before it’s too late.


Thanks for this Steve !

About 2 hours left. Get in if ya want in.

Please not me, please not me, i don’t want this game xD

Don’t worry, you didn’t win.

Congrats to Metalwise4u. I will PM you now.