Steam removed my game

I bought dark souls 3 on g2a, and played it for about 1.5 hours or something, and had it for like 2-3 weeks… and then 2 days ago steam removed my game from my library… xD
i had to contact g2a and tell them about it, lucky for me i had paid with g2a shield, so i got my money back, so now i can spend that money to buy dishonored 2, but man that kinda sucked…
im kinda happy in a way too though, because i didnt enjoy dark souls 3 because on the pc it has xbox controller buttons showing up on screen even tho i dont play with a controller, which turned me off the game a lot… so i guess it worked out allright… but it was kinda weird that they removed it from my library… they mentioned it being because the code could have been obtained in an “illegal” way i suppose, or something around those lines. this is the first time this has happened to me, and ive bought plenty of games on that website, so maybe it just depends on who you buy it from i guess… but it worked out allright. :slight_smile:
i just wanted to share this story, because some people might be using sites like this and not use a protection, like g2a shield etc… or paypal perhaps, and that can lead to you losing the games forever, so always play it safe by paying that extra 2 dollars or whatever. (just a tip) :stuck_out_tongue: PS: ive heard a lot of ppl say that g2a sells a lot of stolen games, but im not sure if its true… ive also heard of a website called but i dont like the way the website looks so i havent used it yet. anyone use that one?

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Not sure about G2A, but I think GOG sells legit games, IMO. Even I read somewhere that G2A used to sell used/stolen game codes, but not sure to what extent this is true.

Thanks for sharing your story here, btw.

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no problem. :slight_smile: its the first time ive had issues with g2a, but they fixed it still. ive bought lots of games from them tho, so they seem legit enough to me.

Everything on G2A is keys purchased with stolen CC or from key dumps. I know the games are half price but I would rather pay $10 more and get it from greenmangaming and know it is a legit key. Also Everything on GOG is legit.


Or don’t buy from G2A at all!.

You’re better off just pirating the game.


I have been using Greenmangaming and GoG for over a year now, and they both usually have good deals, and I have never had problems with either one.


I’d never buy from G2A tbh the one time i did they ask for a SSN and i was like ■■■■ no


Wtf, its strange they did that. But its a great place if you like to ruin someones career.

Because what Chris said up there is true. People are able to steal someones CC and buy the keys in bulk from somewhere. Thats why its hard for the developers to track.

The owner of the CC take a chagre back and the Developer sit with nothing.

Thats why they are able to make such good prices. So i dont always go to G2A anymore.


Why would you pay 10 dollars more just because it’s a legit key? lol, ■■■■ that.


G2A is amazing, I use it all the time as well. Had issues 3 times out of many, many purchases and always got refunded or a new key :smiley:

Why would I pay $10 more? G2A has double charged my card several times. I had to charge back to get a refund. I also support developers. The devs get $0.00 of every game sold on G2A. If i’m going to do that I will just download a cracked version of them game so I’m not supporting a terrible company like G2A.