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Stellaris Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Lol why you deleting my post? If you can’t take the heat don’t reply at all bitch hahaha


Ok trainer has bin updated , let’s all play and be happy


@STN thanks for the update dude =)


Got a feeling that instant research is buggy since the game crashes without any error when I try to get into the research menu. Didn’t test w/o it yet tho.


Instant research works fine for me.
You should try without first before making such a claim to be fair.


Well, got a chance to try it w/o instant research.

Unfortunately it still crashes. Don’t know what’s wrong :frowning:


Do you have steam version?


I get random crashes, the only cheat that doesn’t cause a crash is instant research, the other cheats don’t crash right away but after ~30 mins of gameplay, it crashes.


What is your game version?


Boulle v1.9.1 (83d2)


Isn’t that a beta version or game updated again? Sigh


It’s the newest update came out 12/14/2017.


When will they complete this game? Isn’t this game old?


Yeah, the game is complete since the launch, but they always keep updating the game, adding new DLCs, expansions and more content, to make the game alive. The game has multiplayer, so it’s kinda normal to update a lot.


Sounds like a broken game to me :smiley:


LMAO sounds like a broken game??? Since when does adding content to a game mean it’s “broken”?? You clearly have no interest in the game which is fine so just abandon it already and quit with the idiotic comments you muppet.


Aw! You are back. Waiting out the suspension must have been hard on you :laughing:

We don’t abandon games because someone is being a dick. So enjoy the trainer and infinity :wink:


I was suspended? lol news to me hahaha alright man (:


You’re trying too hard. And for what? :thinking:


What you mean I’m trying too hard? This is purely entertainment lmao. Curious to know tho I don’t know if I was really suspended or not but if so why?? What rules have I broken? lmao!