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Stellaris Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Click Play. It’s not going to work unless it’s attached to the game.


How can I tell if the game is attached?


Checkmark next to play


2.0.2 released



Cheats currently appear to be borked due to the latest update. Unlimited energy/minerals/influence at least are non-functional.


What is it that messes the trainer up each update?


Game changes its offsets for the resources and everything with every update. In programming terms, it’s like this

resources {
int iron
int stone
int wood

New update, they do this (i can’t figure out why the F)

resources {
int stone
int blah
int iron
int wood
int blah


I’m guessing it takes a good few hours of trawling through it to find where they’ve been shifted then.


Yeah, doing all the work from scratch of making the trainer.


Well, They updated to a new patch, there is a dlc coming out and then presumably more patches, each of which is going to brick your trainer, to my own detriment I would personally suggest ignoring this stellaris trainer until they abandon the game to only rare updates in a couple of years perhaps. :frowning:


Nah, waiting for version guard


God I really hope this trainer is back up and running it has been so long since it has been fully functional, and STN is super busy with other trainers and these guys from paradox just keep pouring updates after updates lol


That’s the thing, I appreciate that paradox care about their game and all and keep producing content for it, I mean I pre-ordered their new dlc already, but this bs about changing where figures are stored is just petulant. It literally takes me all of 30 seconds at the start of a new game to use cheat engine to set a hotkey to max my minerals, but I have no idea how to find the origin point for the data, and rely on the trainer makers for that sort of in depth stuff that works between game instances, I hope this version guard thing when it is out solve these sort of problems, either way, keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Version guard will give you the ability to revert to an older patch of the game.


So can I use this trainer now or?


Think the Stellaris trainer is broken, can’t get energy, unity, minerals, influence & food to work.


Latest patch seems to have broken most of the options, needs an update.


Only instant research works now since the 2.1 patch. Would you be so kind and fix it? :slight_smile: Thank you!


Can we vote for an update ?
It’s already about 3 weeks.