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Stellaris Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Are you planning on updating it anytime soon? We would appreciate it.


Can you update the game to the latest version? The cheats are not working.


Hi Quick Question When Will This Trainer Update I Need It Now Also Can You Add Instant Building Thanks


It hasn’t even been reported to me so i keep forgetting.


Is there an estimated release date for the updated one compatible with the “Jun 14 2018” version of the game?


Thanks for letting us know


Is the plan for the next update on this trainer after v5 comes out for everyone?


So im using version guard with may 4th patch and I can only use instant research. What am I doing wrong?


Version guard should be enabled before the game updates with a version that trainer works for. Enabling it now is pointless since the game has updated and you will be protecting from future updates


Any chance of updating to the newest version? I think the research works but also sometimes itll just crash.


I’m sure you already know but the only thing in the trainer working currently is the instant research. I was just wondering if there is an ETA to a fix.


Thinks for keeping us updated on the status on the Trainer.
I know i speak for many people that we like to hear from the developer of the Trainer when its not working so thank you.

I do know there are also players wanting to hear from you about Galactic Civilizations III Status. would you be up to letting people know whats going on with that one too. that would be Grate


is this trainer gonna have a new update or…?


ya its been a month already and i would really like to get my game on.


Is the game finished updating?


When is the game not updating lol.


LOL i like your honesty.

I’ll push one last update then not updating it for months again. Will take some time though cause shadow of tomb raider :slight_smile:


I can understand that. I’m sure others can aswell.
I personally tried using cheat engine. But I can never seem to lock down a slot for anything really. Is the game using some king of decoder. So the number you see are different than what’s in the ram?


The only thing that does work for me is the research speed. Looking forward to a new update and creating an op empire to rule the galaxy with an iron fist.


unfortunately the cheats are not working at all on this version.