Stepto's Xbox Live Account Hacked

The head of the Xbox LIVE Policy Enforcement Team ‘stepto’ has got himself into a bit of an embarrassing situation via a hacker, who goes by the name ‘Predator’. The hacker seems to have stolen stepto’s Xbox Live account. A video showing you Stepto’s account can be found in the read more. Almost one year ago Larry Hryb, Xbox Live’s director of programming had his account stolen. It seems a lesson has still not been learned.


i <3 predator,

he is good @ getting accounts

Oh lawrdy. You’re just promoting it now >.>.

Never heard of this guy but thats pathetic

wow this dude is awesome

Yepp newz bot a ****** right now.

He got his account back couple hours ago so it’s not jacked anymore

He honestly sounds like he was jacking off in that video with all that heavy breathing and ****.


Tweets from Stepto.

Typical fame*****

XBL really is unsecure, i’m going to PSN.

Don’t forget about sounding like he is about to cry also while in the process of jacking off :laughing:

i lol’d

I think Stepto recovered it already. His bio and motto are back to normal :stuck_out_tongue:

lol at this kid. He had help, don’t think he did that all by himself…


He probably doesn’t even care that much. He knows it’s possible lol

i remember when i was head of the xbl policy enforcement team and got my account hacked… oh wait.

That’s pretty ironic