STFS: Detected an invalid hash-block entry index

i was trying to edit my dragon ball xenoverse save file but its keeps on saying
STFS: Detected an invalid hash-block entry index
i dont know how to fix it
i need help

From what I researched, a creator who is no longer actively developing trainers/editors created the Horizon save editor for Dragonball Xenoverse and there were several identical issues to yours and unfortunately, there seems to be no direct fix for this. Horizon is also an aged program that will not likely see future updates or improvements due to the Xbox 360 going away.

Your best bet would be to find some modded save games and use Horizon to change the IDs to match those of your game and console so they will work. You can find a plethora of saves from here: Simply type in your game of choice in the search field and bam, tons of saves will come up each with a brief description.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks this did help and from experimenting none of the things on the right will let you click on them EXCEPT the button labeled skill set that litterally does nothing it will work if i dont click on any of the buttons on the right except for that one but thanks this did help

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Glad to hear!