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Still stuck in another profile

still need to get back into my profile!

Top right corner the down thing click that and chose your profile
It opens a fake profile if you signed out last time

Yeh happened to me just go on the app
go to settings

and at the bottom it says switch user

is anyone gonna tell me how to get back into my profile?

We did. The post above yours and also top right corner the down looking thing click that then go to change account

that was the first thing i tryed before i asked for help

WeMod creates a random account if your real account ever gets logged out from the application.

To clarify, you have tried switching to your actual account via the Switch User button in the drop down list:


If that’s the case, are you getting any error messages or other indicators of the process not working for you?

Let me know :slight_smile:

yes i did trying switching my user but when i typed my username and password it said (invalid email/username and password).

Ok, and you’re using the same credentials you are using for this community forum? They should be one and the same.

i just found out the problem was i needed to use my email not my username so now im back in my profile

Glad you figured it out :slight_smile: