Store BMX in car slot 1.17

"Your friend must host invite only session

  1. Drive out with an Rebel from your garage.
  2. Make sure your friend’s BMX is outside your garage.
  3. Drive a little bit of distance, and drive really fast towards your garage. When driving towards the garage door, the instant you hit the garage door is when you need to spam A.
  4. Hit pause and go to game store and back out quickly.
  5. Run to your friends BMX and get on.
    You will spawn inside your garage with your friends BMX in the car slot."



I would appreciate if someone could help me with this on the Xbox 360! :smile:

I’d be down to do it later tonight if we can help eachother do it. I think I remember you having some cool colors, and I still have my golden chrome one

Alright cool, just message me when you want to do it :smile:

Anyone willing to do this glitch?