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Stranger Things 3

Is there seriously no Wemod trainer for Stranger Things 3: The Game? Wow… and you want me to pay for PRO? LMAO. I would have thought a Massive game like that would get the fastest ever made trainer, CH has a trainer but I wanted to see what you could do that they won’t, like No-clipping, to get past some of those idiotic locked doors that require breakers to be switched in the exact position which is just a chore, I want the Russian translation book asap. The game is fun, just needs help from trainers to be playable tbh. Can’t imagine buying this game on Xbox or PS4… it’s stupid hard sometimes.

The game has less than 50 people playing it consecutively and it isn’t made by any major company. We will make a trainer if it receives enough votes.

how many votes does it need?

You can also check this yourself in the WeMod App, by searching in the upper left corner, just enter the name of the game.
At the moment 45/2000 people voted.