Strangest glitch you ever encountered?

Tonight i was playing a bit of Skyrim “been long overdue as i haven’t played in quite awhile” and encountered perhaps one of the most crazy, disturbing, and unfair glitches i have ever seen… i came across a lone bandit armed with a bow in a cavern “can’t remember the name of the area” anyways when she drew to fire on me i shouted ethreal, causing her shot to pass through me and pulled my legendary smithed Daedric Bow with Chaos enchantment for an instant kill “one of my favorite methods of dealing with loner bow bandits, lol” well anyways things didn’t go as planned, i shot the ***** right in the face causing a cinematic kill view except one problem, she didn’t die! “nevermind you that this bow is powerful enough to take out a Draugre Deathlord in 2 hits, much less a low level bandit!” so the fact she was still alive, arrow stuck right in her face, alone was a glitch but then the truly weird part, after what should have been a cinematic kill i was then frozen in place as if the cinematic kill was still taking place, unable to move while she “unaffected by this” hacked away on me with a dagger till i eventually fell down dead, cheap doesn’t even begin to describe what i witnessed, i was so pissed i slammed the power off my console, rage quitting in disgust, losing about an hours worth of play time, not to mention a very decent amount of gold… anything like this ever happened to you guys?

The only glitches I have ever run into were getting stuck in odd spots or falling through the map. That glitch you experienced would of caused me to throw my controller across the room kick my console around.

oh trust me m8, i had my fist rocked back at the tv for quite a minute… lol it took a LOT of breathing “not to mention thinking VERY hard on how many years of work i would lose if i went ahead and punched my xbox through the wall behind it” funny part is if all game data was still stored on memory cards like the old days and some crazy bs like this occurred i wouldn’t have even gave it a second thought!

Technically you can still store save data on “memory cards” while using the Xbox, just format a USB stick to work for it, instant memory card.

Though I do have to admit, I find it funny when people talk about trashing their console when it isn’t the consoles fault for the glitch, its the data of the game on the disc, so for those who do bust their console over a glitch, then fork out the few hundred for a new one and replay using the same disc will end up in the same situation as they were previously.

A battlefield 3 map glitched (metro) and looked like it had a blue skin on it. I think I have a picture somewhere

true, but you have to manually save data onto a usb, back in the ps2 days we didn’t have a choice so naturally all our game data would be safe less we started breaking memory cards… lol but i get what you’re saying m8.
and yeah its utterly insane when you think about it, but when you’re raging you don’t care, you just want something connected to the source to suffer, and our consoles are right in front of us. :smiley:
in fact its my personal belief that some games are made intentionally annoying for market value “kid with anger issues smashes his console, mom buys him another… ya know?” i think THIS is even the real reason why gameshark and codebreaker pissed off the big game corporations so much, cause they offered a way to eliminate unfairness in gaming.

:stuck_out_tongue: That sucks… I love Skyrim but have only experienced the “basic” glitches. Sorry.

Actually if you set things up correctly your USB can become the default hard drive used for game saves, otherwise you have to pick which hard drive to use: Xbox or USB. I’m actually thinking about setting it up as a permanent game save location, leaving my main hard drive for installed games and DLC.

Anyway, strangest glitch I’ve found in Skyrim has to be when using the decapitate skill on someone with a helmet/hood. The helmet/hood stays connected to the body, but if you take it into your inventory the head is missing yet no decapitated head can be found. Best way to do it is against Morag Tong assassins in the Dragonborn DLC

hmm… interesting, never knew you could make the usb your default save area.
and yeah i’ve seen the glitch you mentioned, i used to have a really strange glitch that occurred whenever i wore a hood it would turn my character bald! literally, my character would show up not wearing the hood i equipped and missing all the hair i created him/her with! very annoying especially when building an evil mage character “i like making them look like Sith Lords” lol luckily it stopped happening after a few patches.

The Battlefield 3 BETA when the heads/necks of soldiers stretched out awkwardly lol. That is probably one of the weirdest ones within the last few years.

i was talking about Skyrim glitches in particular.

I’m going to guess you were using the Dark Brotherhood Cowl, either the Shrouded Cowl or the Worn Shrouded Cowl? It was a common glitch back in the beginning release of the game

yep, thats the one! lol ironically tho i can’t even get this hood anymore cause ever since i downloaded the Dragonborn dlc my game has been stuck on a glitch that prevents me from joining the Dark Brotherhood by making Astrid never show up when i sleep after doing the thing with the kid and Greland the Kind, which is why i’ve been desperately searching for someone to mod a few of my saves by putting me in the Brotherhood with console commands, no luck unfortunately.