Streaming H1Z1

Going to be streaming in a few minutes. Let me know how the quality is

Forgot to reply but the quality was really good.

Lagged a bit for me but I think it was just my connection.

What do you think of the game? I was gonna pick it up.

I was watching your stream earlier before I needed to go to the mall, the quality was pretty good, lagged for me just a little, but I have terrible internet. The game looks pretty good, I heard mixed opinions on the game, but your stream clarified those opinions and actually made me wanna get the game.

I was trying it at 720p 60 fps. But I’ve changed it to 720p 30 fps with a higher bit rate.

I really enjoy the game. I haven’t seen many streams or videos on how to do stuff so I’m still a noob. But I like how you can pretty much be armed and ready to go from the spawn. Only problem I have is that you can buy airdrie and crates. People gain an advantage over you plus if you call one in on your own you’re more than likely going to lose it

Definitely worth buying though

Is this game PC only? I would get it if it was on console. I’m gonna purchase a Windows laptop soon. Hopefully it has the right specifications.

What bit rate were you streaming at? I stream 720p60fps at 3500 for a bit rate and a lot of people have mentioned that it’s smooth.

I do 3200 with a 3500 buffer.
Horney, if you want to play today I’m up for it, let me know. This game is absolutely crazy, I love it.

I can’t remember off the top of my head. I just wanted to test because I’ve moved my PC. It’s now plugged into a powerline adapter so I wanted to know if I could still stream well.

I’ll stream again tonight when I’m home from work.