Stronghold 2 steam edition

Looking for help from the WEMOD community to get a new trainer made

Hello there. :slight_smile:

WeModders will only vote for the trainer if they play the game themselves. Nobody really uses their hard-earned votes on games they’ll never play.
Consider using your referral link to invite people from other communities to vote while being rewarded for it, such as the Steam discussion forum for the game.

This should help:

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fine i get people wont help

Don’t forget that Stronghold 2 is also nearly 16 years old now. The majority of the player-base has moved on.
Not only because there are newer games with better graphics and so forth, but also because many older games do not run too smoothly on newer computing devices without massive community patches, because they weren’t built for these newer machines.

Use the referral link in fan communities. There might still be some other people clinging onto the game, refusing to let it die peacefully. :slight_smile:

uh huh