App Horizon

Stuck at 97% every time I try installing horizon


So here is the problem,
whenever I launch the Horizon-Setup.exe or Continue Horizon-Setup.exe
from my desktop whether it is run as administrator or not it will just stop at 97%
and not do anything

there is a image of what it looks like.
Im running on Windows 7 with a laptop which cant update meaning that its basically the factory version of windows.
I can give more information if its needed
Thanks - bobsteven111


Most likely is antivirus or firewall blocking the rest from coming in


the only anti-virus I have is AVG and I disable that every time I attempt to install it because it will block it completely if I launch it.


Why can’t you update windows? You might be missing some dependencies like .net framework 3.5.


I am having this problem but I am on Windows 10