Stuck at Installation

Hye. I was unable to install the software. It kept stay installing at 20% for about 1 hour already. I tried re-install it again but the problem persisted. Is there any steps to be taken before installing the software that i’m not aware of?

Depend on the os. Windows 7 or newer should already include everything necessary. Run a uninstaller if there is any, delete %appdata% \Infinity and %localappdata%\Infinity and try installing again.

Also deactivate any antivirus software you have and add infinity and the folders to the exception.

If that doesn’t work there is a setup log generated upload it so people can have a look at it

Do i have to pay for the software once it has been downloaded? Like cheathappens where there’s a yearly fees involved.

No, what gave you that crazy idea :scream:

Sorry😂. My mistake on that. Thus, I’ll try to re-install again with the advice given. Will update u guys if the problem persisted