Stuck on boot logo after installing latest dashlaunch version

My cousin gave me his old jtag box. it was still on Freestyle Dash 2.0. So i went ahead and installed FSD 3.0 and the latest Dashlaunch. I let Dashlaunch update my dashboard since I figured it was really old. unfortunately thats where i went wrong. Now its stuck on the xbox 360 boot logo. I downloaded my nand backup and cpu key from Xell reloaded rebuilt it using XebuildGUI and flashed it on Xellreloaded but it still doesnt boot. IF i remove the HDD it will boot to the 360 dashboard. Can anyone help?

what do you have your default set to in dashluanch?

Could be an issue, but usually when it cant find default it just resorts to booting stock dash, unless your freestyle is set to default and it is now corrupt? Try downloading FSD 3 fresh, then delete and copy over the fresh install of FSD and see what happens.

defaultis fsd and booted fine from menu, i read its an issue with dashlaunch and really old dashboard versions.