Stuck on level 24

Is level 24 as far as you can go without the expansion dlc.
I have 2 characters at level 24 and a half fully upgraded, but just don’t seem to get any armour above light 15.

Buy equipment from vendors or play vault of glass. Play high level strikes and nightfalls etc.

You can hit max level 32 without DLC

Thanks guys, It just seems like I’m going round and round and getting nowhere. But love the game.

No, once you get a character to Lvl. 20 you than must find armor with “Light;” to move up in level you have to find armor that has a higher light level than what you have equipped. There are a few ways those you could acquire armor with higher light levels:

  • Grinding out Strikes.
  • You’ll get a ton of Rare engrams that could possibly award you with better armor.
  • Running the Vault of Glass. (Must be Lvl. 26 to participate, but I suggest being Lvl. 27)
  • You have to chance of getting Raid armor which will max you out at Lvl. 30 when fully leveled.
  • Running Crota’s End. (Must be Lvl. 30 to participate)
  • Like the Vault of Glass, you’ll have the chance of scoring Raid armor and maxing you out at Lvl. 32.
  • Purchase armor from the Vendors in the Tower.
    -Requires you to have either Vendor or Crucible commendations and will only max you out at Lvl. 31.

Personally, I’d suggest starting with grinding out Strikes and getting yourself to Lvl. 26-27 so you than can participate in the Vault of Glass; that way you can experience Raids and maybe land yourself some powerful Raid weapons along the way. Once you get to Lvl. 30 I’d than worry about completing the new Raid and everything else that follows.

I know it seems like a long process, but it’s probably best for you in the long run because, like I said, you would than have some of the most powerful weapons within the game that play a huge run in things like the Weekly/Nightfall!

When you unlock the Weekly/Nightfall, it’s best if you complete those weekly because you can earn major gear from those which, like the Raid gear, will benefit you in the long run!

Best of luck and reply if you’re confused or have any questions!

A great place to get read/follow/understand things within Destiny could be the Reddit page. [CLICK LINK]

At the moment how is that possible? The highest light amount you can reach without the DLC is 141 which includes the IB gauntlets and boots and since the chest and helmet aren’t available yet you have to use an exotic leaving one piece of armor stuck at light 33 which means you have to at least get a CE chest armor or helmet in other words requiring you to buy the DLC. It’s not like reaching 32 is important for non DLC owners since it only makes a difference in CE.