Stuck on loading screen, help please

Since today i have been stuck on the loading screen, tried uninstalling-reinstalling but nothing changed, tried doing what the support told others, downloading Microsoft .NET framework but the latest is installed so nothing happened there either. I looked at what it said at the developers tool; Uncaught (in promise) Error: Error invoking remote method ‘ACTION_SET_INSTALLATION_INFO’: TypeError: Expected string.
at o.invoke (node:electron/js2c/renderer_init:57:526)
at async #o (app-9bf88260.db198f35a20ff368c5fd.bundle.js:1:3438)
at async #F (app-692a0d7d.1a584b276e50ea22d1d9.bundle.js:1:50236)

This message waited for me and im not a big tech guy, could somebody help me with this?