Subnautica Below Zero Cheats and Trainer for Steam

As per v.32698, every Fonction keys activate in-game fonctions. I STRONGLY recommand to switch to numpad toggles. -Jason

needs an update for version 36205 health, water and food are not activating

Need to be updated for version 37024, Health flicks on and turns off after couple of seconds and doesn’t work, water and food are not activating.

needs to be updated

The Subnautica Below Zero cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!

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Unlim health, food and water all instantly turn off when used.
unlim oxygen crashes instantly when used.
please fix.

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The trainer was updated to be compatible with the latest game version yesterday.

Under the Play button in the WeMod trainer is another button labelled “History”. Click this and ensure the most recent trainer in the list is selected.

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I know it was updated 2 days ago but the trainer is not working correctly :wink:
As AlphaLazer said some of the options are not working

1. Unlimited Health - Not Working
2. Unlimited Oxygen - Working but sometimes the game crash
3. Unlimited Water - Not Working
4. Unlimited Food - Not Working
5. No Cold - Working
6. Super Swimming Speed - Not working, you freeze on the spot and you have to restart
7. Unlimited Battery - Working
8. Easy Crafting - Working
9. Easy Construction - Working

The game was not updated since 29.10.2020 so i don’t know where the issue is. :frowning:

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Hello i have just updated to pro and when i activate any cheats in subnautica it crashes

I had no issues with any options for this game.

I had a lot of problems… It crash when I try to activate it. Please fix it

Though it’s out of date, so to speak, most of the cheats STILL do work. Only the unlimited food/water cheats don’t work and cause a CTD. (I think it’s just the unlimited water, but not sure about the food).

That’s trivial though, since easy crafting/construction DOES work, and it’s a trifle to produce sustenance from nothing through that.

Another update to the game makes the cheats useless. it crashes instantly. please fix

Hm. Merely inserting the trainer (pressing “Play” on WeMod) doesn’t crash the Steam version of the game, at least.
Easy Crafting & Construction works just fine.
Unlimited Oxygen CTD (freezes then crashes the game).
No Cold, Super Swim Speed, and Unlimited Battery work fine.
Unlimited Water, Unlimited Food work fine as well.
Unlimited Health, though untested, activates without crashing the game.

In summary, only the Unlimited Oxygen cheat freezes/crashes the game, all the others work fine.

Edit: Alright, the unlimited food/water only work initially, after awhile (not sure exactly how long) the displays malfunction and look empty, but aren’t, and then it automatically toggles ‘off’ and cannot be toggled back on again. With the way the UI looked after awhile, unsure if unlimited health still worked properly or not. Unlimited batteries kept Ion Batteries at 100/1000 charge when connected to the base structure (via recharger or seatruck/prawn in moonpool), but that’s working as previously, I suspect.

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Crafting and construction now no longer work. There must have been some sort of micropatch that broke them.

Did a quick check, and they (crafting/construction) still work fine on my end. I couldn’t utilize them to finish an already-placed blueprint, but could easily cancel the blueprint and start/finish it anew.

A quick double check and it turns out it was a crafting mod that was borking the craft cheat. Everything seems to still be in order.


hi thanks for the great mod, mainly use the oxygen, makes investigating easier. but wondering why the toggle switches are in “F” instead of just the side numbers likes in Valheim, i am having issues with what it turns on and off as there are ingame switches that use “F”
thanks again

Would it be possible during the update to include (Undetected)? This game requires hours and hours of exploring in the realms of hungry, aggressive and pissed off Leviathans. I have lost two sea trucks so far down in the Crystal Cave area and still have not found what I am looking for. The ability to become invisible is available with console command, could it be included with Wemod also.