Subsistence Cheats and Trainer for Steam

The Subsistence cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Wow, thanks. I wasn’t aware it had made it onto the queue.

so stupid that now there was an update of the trainer that it still hasnt an cheat to mulitply items in invertory like we now requested for so long for this trainer… a lot of disapointment here

So, I’ve requested an item mod over and over again, myself. In MFA’s defense, I got a response from the other modders. Apparently, item mods make the game very unstable. It would help if we could get a decent explanation as to why a mod can’t be made. Sorry for the criticism MFA.

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Hello jessicaartje, that’s my opinion too, because of the update, in which there were some changes, not only that there were new ores, but they are also very difficult to find, and quite a few of them are also used in production. It would be very good if the WEMOD team would take another look at the Subsistence cheats! In my opinion, the cheat for Unlimited Fruits could be exchanged and duplication cheat used for it.
I have another question for the experts! Why do I always get a message about the 64-bit version, even though I’ve been using a 64-bit version of WIN10 from the start???

Works in single player but ONLY works for the host in co-op. Anyone connecting to a co-op server with wemod running other then the host it will not work.

The duplicate cheat works using CE but you need a container either a crafted crate or one of the spawned crate/container. There is a description on how to create the dupe on feerlessrevolution.

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What’s the link?

Thx for the link. There is a video guide on how to do it in alpha 61, also.

Hello WEMOD team! First of all, a healthy and successful New Year! Unfortunately I have to start again with the Subsistence cheats, since after the new update some new resources were added and new items were added to craft, you need a lot of time to farm the resources. Since I only play this game in single player mode, it has become very difficult to continue the game. So my question again, could you please edit the Subsistence cheats again? If necessary, my suggestion would be to replace the cheat for infinite fruits with a cheat for either infinite resources or instant crafting! Like Valheim or No Man’s Sky, it works wonderfully! It would be very nice if you could look at this again and edit it again. Thank you in advance! And thank you for your efforts!!


What I described works a lot better and easier. the link I sent you was deleted by the admins so just google for it. The dupe is very simple and easy to do so much so compared to the video above.

Hello WeMod Team, I know I’m being annoying and it’s annoying, but I have to ask again whether it’s possible for Subsistence to exchange the Unlimited Fruit cheat for Unlimited Item or for No crafting requirements like in Valheim??? Is that possible and would you change this too???

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Hello WEMOD team, I would like to ask again whether you are looking at the game Subsistence again and whether you are adding it to the waiting list. As I have already written, the game has become very difficult due to the update when it comes to collecting resources, mainly for single players like me am one. So my urgent question is, can you change anything about the game? If so, would you please add it to the queue??? Thank you very much!!!


Unlimited Health is not working :0(

add easy craft pleaseee

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I would agree with this, if there is anyway you guys could work on a way to duplicate items or spawn in items to help crafting out? Really wish they added a creative mode for this game since I love the building aspect of it.

The mods only work for the host of the server and it’s annoying when you want to play with a friend and it works for them. You just get left behind and run out of ammo all of the time.

WeMod is not for multiplayer and should never be used online, even when playing with friends.

Hey, the unlimited ammo thing works perfectly for me. Just (as always) not with the arrows, not even in the 4th inventory space. But I would be very interested to know if there will ever be a propagation cheat for the game? Just like with Enshrouded, it works wonderfully! It would be very good if that came soon!!! Thank you in advance!!