Suggestion and bug reports... Ignoring?

Hi, I’ve noticed for quite some time that Trainer Developers don’t seem to be interested in suggestions or bug reports!

If suggestions or errors can not be implemented or fixed, at least already answers would be appropriate accordingly

Heya, I would recommend considering submitting your concerns through support tickets. This approach could potentially address your questions and even allow for troubleshooting of any issues with the trainers. :+1:

Report issues with a trainer?

Thank you for reaching out to us with your thoughts about the Trainer Developers and their responsiveness to suggestions and bug reports. We truly value the feedback from our community and understand the importance of open communication.

However, we’d like to emphasize that our team of Trainer Developers works diligently to consider and address the suggestions and bug reports that are submitted. While we may not be able to implement every suggestion or fix every reported issue due to various reasons, we do take them seriously.

It’s important to note that the creators behind our platform are committed to delivering updates swiftly and comprehensively, but they may not be able to respond to every single message on each discussion page. They invest significant effort to enhance the user experience for everyone.