Suggestion for the request list

There is a new game on Epic games store, Pheonix Point. It looks nice and is not on the request list, perhaps add that?

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You can already vote for a trainer for the Epic version of the game.

The “Requests” tab at the top of the screen in the WeMod app only shows the top-requested games. It’s a leaderboard in other words. It doesn’t show all of the requestable games.

To request a trainer for this game, in the WeMod desktop app:

  1. Type “Phoenix Point” into the search box in the top-left.
  2. Select “Phoenix Point” under the Requestable Games header.
  3. Click the “Vote” button.
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Ok, so I have tried that, and i just tried it again, but i can’t seem to get it on the app. I’m going to post a screenshot. Any fixes i could use to let me find it?

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If it’s not there we will have to add it manually
See if @Instinct can maybe add it to the list to vote for it

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Please force close your WeMod app from the system tray and re-open it. Also please make sure you’re spelling it “Phoenix Point” otherwise it will not return any results :slightly_smiling_face:


And also it’s a " unity game " which makes it double worse for trainer use too !

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Yeap, all’s good now. Thanks for the help.

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