Suggestion. Mist Survival Trainer If Possible

I’ve notice Mist Survival is in Early Access and it’s at a decent price for $10.99 USD. Maybe a trainer since it’s single-player…Just wondering…thoughts Admin, Mods, trainer creators, Pro’s and Users?

[edit: It’s not on the requests list so I thought I’d put it here…]

Any game that isn’t AAA or highly anticipated needs to be voted on. We are trying to avoid Early Access games since they update frequently and a lot of people still aren’t using version guard.

It has guns as well I found a pistol but 4 bullets when the mist came I was surrounded by zombies and bandits with 4 bullets, lucky I use that one and tested it and had unlimited health and stamina so I can kill a few and get away

[EDIT: did I mention that the music is creepy in it when it mists…:fearful: I’m literary fearing for my my life with 1 bullet and peaking around corners watching zombies fight bandits and gun fire.