[Suggestion] The Banner Saga

Link to game: http://store.steampowered.com/app/237990/

Cheats wanted:

In combat:

  • Unlimited Ability Points
  • Unlimited Armor Points
  • Unlimited Strength Points
  • Unlimited Willpower Points
  • Unlimited Exertion Points
  • Unlimited Break Points

Character building:

  • Unlimited Stats Points
  • Easy Promotion

Extra cheats:

  • Unlimited Renown
  • Max Morale (Morale never goes down)
  • Unlimited Days Of Supplies
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I vote this up, its a good indie game.

Bump - I really would like to see a trainer for this, think its forgotten.

Yeah it was. I don’t even know if the games on my list are needed, the people who requested them have disappeared. I’ll give it a look

Yeah, but lets say its a personal request from me then :wink:
Since he havent been on since 9th of Jan.

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