Suggestions for xbox 360 slim hardware-software mods!

so i have been doing lots of reading online and so far it seems to be a bit conflicting, i used to mod original xbox consoles back in the days of halo 2 but am totally out of touch now lol, so i thought i would ask here as well. i have a xbox 360 slim core system, the 4gb one with added 250gb hdd that i am not using and i was thinking about swapping out some of the parts for some new ones and looking into an executor chip and hopefully RGH, it was,will be used for multi media streaming and some game play in the bedroom so its going to be getting tonnes of use as it did already so heat will be of concern, already is!

what fan upgrade would be best, cheap ish?

whats the best hdd mod available?

and whats the best chip to rgh?

thanks for taking the time to read! heres a cookie :thumbsup:

Sorry but that looks completely stupid, i thought you said fits in neatly with no case mods :anguished: