I play Xbox One and 360

You Guys Made Horizon On Xbox 360 platform why dont y’all just make a copy of Horizon and remake Horizon on Xbox one

if it’s possible should be

Just a idea

It could be a In Beta Program With Constant Updates

I think someone said that most of the Horizon Devs are gone and only some are still here and active.

There are 2 of the original 3 but that isn’t why we aren’t making it for Xbox One. There is still no known public exploit for Xbox One which makes it impossible for us to do anything with. Plus juggling Infinity and a new Horizon would just be too much work.

It’s not currently possible because of the security on the console. We will let users know if we are working on something like that but for now, we don’t have any way to edit saves on the console.

oh ok just wondering

No worries, a lot of people ask the same thing. I think Team Executer is making progress on the Xbox One, but there’s no concrete information available on what they’ve done so far.