Suggestting Mods to be made

So I would love to boost a Railway Empire 2 mod creation but have no idea where to even suggest a mod. I read another forum post that we just have to wait until the games are boost-able? Would that be accurate?

New trainers are created based on game popularity in our community. You can show your interest in the game by clicking “Notify Me” on the game’s page in the WeMod app.

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awesome thanks chris

I don’t know if I came to the right thread to propose this, but there is a game which is completely missing from your data base. It doesn’t appear on the search bar. It’s called GUN and it’s currently Steam and GOG, if I am not mistaken. I noticed that some other trainers have cheats available for it, but I would love to see our WeMod include these famous old games!

yeahhhh totally wrong place and I don’t know where you should post it.