Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Cheats and Trainer for Steam

After some testing, it’s definitely Unlimited Grenades cheat that causes the massive lag when using a grenade. Coincidentally, Unlimited Ammo cheat already gives me Unlimited Grenades. So there’s a conflict with the Unlimited Grenade code because every time that code is enabled, I lag when using a grenade.

No way through cheats that I’ve seen but someone did post on Reddit that it took him 17 hours to finish the Battle Pass by farming cargonaughts. I started doing that but they occur too infrequently for me.

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So alternatively, if you have Joker unlocked a strat you can do is equip a scarecrow grenade and fully specialize Joker into grenade skills.

Go around getting to 50x combo with grenade kills, wait for the combo to reset and do that ad nauseum. This increases the radius of his grenades every time. Eventually you can sit on top of a roof and chuck them down and it will clear the map.

I’m assuming you could cheat engine it maybe?

Like if you had 100 total EXP into a level, do a mission, search for new value and eventually you could land on it. In theory at least

i invited in your discord

I had the same problem, did you manage to solve it?

伟大的MrAntiFun,您是否可以给suicide squad修改项目中添加无视伤害判定(IGNORE HITS)的选项?狙击手实在太太太太烦人了!我们沐浴在您的荣耀光辉之下Orz.

Which grenade is this and how do you get it? :sweat_smile:

It’s from the incursion missions with scarecrow infamy sets

Just look for one that says grenades and something else, idr what they pair with it

Any scarecrow grenade works, not sure why it’s only a scarecrow grenade but that’s how it works somehow

Does anyone have a CE trainer they’ve worked on and wouldn’t mind sending it thru DM?

Discord: Bhocc

Did anyone manage to solve it to set the red, blue and purple talents to 0 and save, because with me it’s not saving I have 8 points left and it stays on the talents screen bothering me. Did anyone manage to solve it?

They updated the game , EAC bypass dosnt work .


Hello please update it

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It’s been fun boys . The bypass doesn’t work anymore :smiling_face_with_tear:


Acho que teve alguma atualizacao nao esta fubcionando mais na data de hoje. Precisa de atualização.

I think there was an update and it is no longer working today. Needs updating.

where is the update for this i tried boosting but did not see an option

can you please add bp points on next update i seem other trainers have it

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Anti cheat bypass no longer works and my talent points and squad level are all messed up. RIP

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Acredito que o criador vai ter que atualizar o treinador para gente conseguir usar novamente… Até lá temos que aguardar. Quem tiver contato com o criador do treinador já avisa ele que estamos com prohlemas. Obrigado!

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Vc consegue usar qualquer treinador deslindando a net, abre o jogo é liga a net de volta assim q sair a tela do EAC, porém n sabemos se isso poderia marcar vc para um futura ban. Eu já usei o método é confirmou os cheats funcionam

You can use cheats by launching the game without Internet and turning it on menu