Sup fam

no interesting threads

hows life every1

hi psyco m8…

3 days into the year and it already feels like last year


An hero

drinking a cup of tea and on the computer so pretty crazy atm, wbu?

Improving my math skills

to think that all these years I’ve just been doing 9x6, when I could have just recited this entire story every time. so much wasted effort

Dis Fred dis nut aloud


Please don’t give a warning mods…

Is this the cool kids club where all the 2010fags post?

yeh m8, but my old profile is banned so dis is my new one kk dats if u din no

Nah that was the epic section before the cancer hit it.


Camza mate



no prmoting drugs on ths site plz


Has been on my channel for ages, can’t remember why

stupid weeb

u liek de drugzs