The zenni mod doesn’t work i wanted to know if it is fixable

We want the infinite bond

The Zenni one only works the first time. When you close the game and try again, it won’t work anymore.

The Unlimited Zeni cheat doesn’t seem to be working for me.

A few extra suggestions for cheats:
Infinite hero energy,
Transform/fuse immediately,
Infinite bond,
Infinite comradery.

I’ll add on to the list when I can think of more things.

The zenni cheat worked for a bit, but suddenly doesn’t work anymore. What happened to it? It seems like nobody is watching this thread, does that mean it won’t be looked at since this has been an issue for awhile?

how to hack the cracked games?

@MrAntiFun sorry to bring up an old trainer, but is there any way you can make a charge impact (the meter you and your opponent use when you fight) Always perfect for player code?

I second this - the CI, even WITH support characters meant to help slow it down, isn’t fair to folks with a harder time with getting the CI timing down. There are missions that I always fail because of how the creators set up this system.

Is it possible to get a cheat to have the meter always hit Ultra Miracle?

Two questions, 1, with “Rename Launch_Game.exe” do u mean the game launcher or the launcher I just downloaded, 2, how do I “Place the EAC Bypass launcher into the main game directory”?