[Super Late/Early] 1K+ Thanks

First off, since the holidays are right around the corner, I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holiday!
It’s been awhile since I accomplished this milestone and I’ve never done one of these threads, but, thanks to a certain member, I decided it was better late than never for me to create this thread so, without further ado, thank you all for being active and making this site awesome!

[details=Thank You]

  • Cheater912
    - Thank you for the site!
  • Zach
    - No offense, I haven’t run into you a lot of this site, but I couldn’t not add you to this list because your avatar size/image makes me jealous and wish I had the ability to have an Administrator sized avatar! Lol
  • Derek
    - I’ve received help from you numerous of times and you’re definitely fit to hold the position of Moderator; is always on top of keeping the site clean of spam/etc. and you seem like a swell member!
  • Travis
    - Along with Uzi, you seem to be the most active Moderator on this site and I thank you; this site wouldn’t be what it is if you didn’t keep it clean/running! Also, like a lot of other members on here, I thank you for assisting me with my computer problems.
  • UndercoverUzi
    - You’re always the moderator I see online when I’m online. Plus, you always accept my WSHH videos of various cop/law stuff!
  • Chris
    - Prior to being promoted to “Community Manager” you were right next to Uzi/Traivs on most active Moderators! I’m unsure how many times I saw you close a thread immediately after I’d report it, but still, I thank you for being active and keeping this awesome site alive! Again, congrats on being promoted! thanks for helping a colorblind member with the colors so he could create this thread!
  • n i c k
    - I may not have requested any GFX from you, but I know you’ve gifted many members Avatars/Signatures so you’ve helped a lot of members here feel welcome on this site!
  • Steve Wonda
    - What can I say, you’re never offline! I’ve seen you go from a “Regular” member to a “Horizon Pro.” You’re an awesome member and I’ll know the site is truly dead when you’re not around.
  • AJAR
    - #GreenWall
  • Candy Crush (Sayem)
    - Ever since I joined the site I haven’t seen anyone else hold more Giveaways than you have! I don’t know if it’s because you’re just that kind of a person or because you’re seeking to have the most “Thanks” as a non-Staff member. Either way, you’re an awesome person and member!
  • iLuke
    - #GreenWall
  • Camza
    - You were the first member to PM me with positivity and one of the few reasons I continue to do what I do; spread my knowledge on gaming. Like I said in the PM and I’ll continue to say to people like you, you deserve the best in life and I hope you’re able to achieve it!
  • Chunkier Drew
    - You’re an awesome dude even though majority see you as an a**hole! Also, you’re probably the most recent member in which I’ve added on LIVE, but aren’t getting removed anytime soon! #Twitch.tv/Chunkier_Drew
  • Haunted Mare
    - Family/Brother
  • LaLi
    - Have been friends with you for years even though you’re apart of the mafia and prefer a Hummer over my GT-R, but you’re still a Halo god so I have to keep you in the loop for if I ever want to get back into Halo and 343i implements a true-skill system!
  • MoNsTeRR
    - Family/Brother
  • Philymaster
    - You may not be the most active member on this site, but I thank you for helping me with the Gears of War GPD editor and allowing me to 1250/1250GS the game after years of it just sitting at roughly 600GS.
  • vSneakyRaptor
    - You’re an awesome, active member that helps make this site so warm and welcome for new members!
  • Whats Up Jonny
    - May not be the most active member on here and our internet connections may fight, but you’re one of the few members on here that are on my XBL list so thanks!
  • Zodiac13
    - I haven’t talked with you much via Xbox LIVE ever since I found myself a dedicated squad to run Raids and such with, but you’re an awesome guy/member! #DeepVoice

took me some time to write these personal messages and to think of everyone that has impacted me as a member, I apologize if I’ve forgotten anyone; I seriously put some time into this thread to make sure I didn’t forget anyone and made sure everyone here knows how thankful I am of being apart of this site

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Grats man! Happy Holidays to you as well!

Congratulations man, you definitely have been working hard these last couple weeks/months!

Keep up the great work!

Finally. I thought you gave up on this.

Like I said months ago, Congrats! You earned it.

Congrats Sniper! I like the banner as well.


See you at 2,000 dude :smile:

Congrats Bro!

Like how you got that # in there lmao :smiley:

Congrats bud.

Congrats! You’re on your way to 1.5k now.

Congrats !!

You are definitely a great member. I’m really happy you decided to join!

Congrats SNiPaZoR!

Congrats buddy.

Had faith in you from the start.

Congrats pal.

Always thought you were a good poster.