Super Mod

After 4 long years of being a member on this forum I was promoted to Super Mod. I appreciate the opportunity I’ve been given by the staff here as Super Mod.

NAO FOR THE THANKS LIST No specific order other than the top 2
Chris (even though he’s taking his sweet time moving)
Skill R.I.P.
Whats up jonny
Steve Wonda
vSneaky Raptor
N i c k
Psyco and cody for proving the lulz back in the day
and I’m sure a LOT more who I’ve met and gamed with over the past 4 years and or hosted lobbies for!


Congrats man, glad to see you’re part of the team. :smile:

New requirement for milestone threads. You have to thank Chris. No exceptions unless your name is also Chris.

Congrats man, you totally deserve it! :smile:

Nice work.

Congrats man! I didn’t make the list… but still feel special.

I shall add you! My memory blows trying to 4 years back

yo get ur **** together i have no h

grats tho fam

Congratulations, you’re now demoted for not mentioning me!

Awesome Bro! Congrats, i always enjoyed the lobbies you did & stuff. Good stuff.



Remake Dan mod already :. PROMISE WE WILL BE SRS THIS TIME.

oh and congratulations.

Congratulations, thanks for including me on the list haha.

Greatly deserved promotion!

Ah the man who got me 400mil on gta! I’m more then happy to see you with super mod thanks again and congrats.


ITT: Paying/jacking off Chris gets you mod

Congrats :smiley:

Congrats man, you deserve it.

Who the **** gave you mod?!