Supernatural (TV Show) fans out there? **SPOILER**

There is a spoiler from tonight’s show below, so do not click if you haven’t seen this yet

[details=Nerdgasm. Sorry]So after tonight’s show, 2 things come to mind. They mentioned Adam in the cage during the play. Could this mean the rest of the season, or at some point in the show, we will see sam and dean try and bust him out of the cage?

another thing is we see that chuck (former prophet) is infact ALIVE!

I was reading on another form and someone made a good point. Is chuck actually god? Chuck was assumed more than likely dead by Castiel when kevin tran was revealed as the new prophet. according to castiel, there can only be 1 prophet and for that to happen the other prophet must be dead.

it makes sense that maybe he was brought back to be the new prophet again since kevin was killed, but metatron rewrote the word of god making it so no more prophets will be made.

anyone have any thoughts on either of these 2?

make sure to put them in a spoiler!![/details]

going to watch it now, I’ll let you know what I think after

Edit: [details=Open Me] At the end I was like whaaat, Chuck is back?! Normally I skip over these episodes and just watch the ones that are about the main story, but I’m glad I didn’t skip this one. Also I was wondering why they kind of just left the whole Lucifer and Micheal thing hanging, so they might pick that back up. Also I believe Chuck could possibly be God or something related to him.

If you skip to the 3:40 mark of the video below you’ll see why a lot of people believe Chuck could be God (clip from season 5 episode 22) :


Open Me

i saw that episode, but never actually noticed he disappeared like that!! There’s no doubt he’s god haha

Can’t believe no else replied to this, Moose would be ashamed :anguished:

really hope to see more of crowley as well this season!