Supreme Commander 2 Steam Key Giveaway

As the title says, I am giving away a Supreme Commander 2 Steam Key !

There Are No Requirements !

Ends Tuesday @ 8:30 PM GMT

I wish I had faster internet so I could paly stream but I don’t so ill enter and if I win ill give it to someone :smile:

I’m sorry about your internet, I’m not sure about how big the download is but if your internet is slow I’d expect it to take about 5 or 6 hours.

well I tried downloading warface and its only 1gb and it took more then 1 day :anguished:

Thanks for the giveaway mayne

I’m not going to enter since I probably wouldn’t play it.

Thanks for the giveaway, and good luck guys!

Thanks for the give away [u]Labogani[u]! I hope everyone is happy and I hope the winner is happy with his/her game!

Congrats “Petrifying”, I’ll PM you your code shortly.

I won my 1st giveaway!! :smiley: ALL THANKS TO [i][u][/i][/u]Labongani[i][b][/i][/b]!